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Parent Forum

The Parents’ Forum is a way for parents to raise issues they talk about in the playground with the school. There are a number of representatives, and anyone of them would be happy to talk to you about concerns or comments you have.

Parent Forum

What is the Parents’ Forum?

The Grazeley Parents’ Forum has been set up as a way for parents to raise issues they talk about in the playground with the school. There are a number of representatives, and anyone of them would be happy to talk to you about concerns or comments you have.

Should you prefer, you can send a letter addressed to the Parents’ Forum or email and your message will be picked up and discussed at the next meeting. The Forum meets once every half term with Mrs Tiffin.


What can be raised for discussion?

Parents’ Forum can’t solve major issues you may have with the school. They need to be referred directly to Miss Thatcher.

We need to know the ‘small things that make a big difference’. Are the children always out late? Is there a huge puddle that causes havoc whenever it rains? Is there something you may have seen when dropping-off or collecting your children that needs sorting out? Ultimately you, as parents are the eyes and ears of the school, so please help us by bringing comments for discussion and resolution. Everyone has concerns or ‘niggles’ from time to time and whilst they might not be urgent, getting them resolved may be an important factor in how happy your child is at school. It is also an opportunity to share any positive comments or things you feel work well in order to build on the successes of the school and celebrate our achievements.

The Parents’ Forum is a group of parents representing a cross section of the school. They meet for one morning each half term to discuss concerns raised by other parents; bringing them to the attention of members of staff who can address them.

How do I get my views heard?

The process is very straight forward. You look out for the identified members of the Forum in the playground and outline what your concern or comment is. They will then take your comment to chairperson who then pulls together all the comments to form the agenda for the next meeting.

What happens if I can’t get to school to speak to a representative?

You can write a brief note and put it in an envelope marked Parents’ Forum to be sent in with your child. You can also email:

What happens if I’d rather not be identified?

All comments discussed at the forum remain anonymous. It’s not about finding out who made the comments but trying to resolve them in partnership.

How will I find out what happens to my comments?

The response from school will be given to the Parents’ Forum following the meeting. This will then be fed back to you informally on the playground or via email. You can see the impact the Parents’ Forum have on school life on the by reading the minutes posted above.

Some recent topics of conversation:

  • Parking
  • The ‘Drop-off’ zone
  • Learning Logs
  • Being kept informed as expansion unfolds
  • School photographs