Grazeley Parochial CE (Aided) Primary School

'Be courageous; Be strong; Do everything in love'

Grazeley Curriculum

We meet the needs of the individual learners at Grazeley by providing opportunities to be independent, be responsible and to build resilience. They develop and build a growth mindset by learning from their mistakes, embracing challenges and persevering when it is difficult.

Curriculum Intent

‘Be courageous; Be strong; Do everything in love’

1 Corinthians 16 v13-14

We are a loving community of courageous learners, building resilience and hope for the future based on our caring Christian foundation.

Our curriculum is inclusive and, above all, we are a loving community that celebrates diversity, united in a common purpose. We respect each other’s abilities, enabling all members of our community to learn, grow and flourish.  Equality of opportunity is at the core of everything we do. 

We build the courage and resilience that we believe our pupils need to be able to respond confidently to the challenges of the constantly changing world that they live in, as well as the changes or uncertainties they may face in their personal lives. Our pupils become courageous learners through the development of self-motivation and determination, as well as broadening their knowledge as part of our broad and varied curriculum. 

There is a strong focus within our community on the development of pupils’ personal well-being. Our pupils are supported to reflect and respond thoughtfully to situations and ideas. We aim for them to discover the inner peace that comes from knowing and accepting themselves, as they learn to live peacefully with others in the community. This helps them to build resilience, and have hope for a fulfilling future. 

We believe that our pupils can make a difference to the world. Through our wider curriculum pupils explore challenges in the world around them, and are encouraged to look beyond themselves and take actions that make them partners in bringing hope for the future to the community around them and in the wider world.  

We aim to provide a broad and balanced curriculum which is carefully sequenced to enable children to know more, do more and remember more. Lessons are planned well to ensure good short-, medium- and long-term progress. We do not expect lesson planning in any particular format.

  • Use Cornerstones as a framework and adapt this to meet the needs of our pupils.
  • The curriculum is well sequenced so that pupils build on previous learning and make meaningful connections.
  • Substantive and disciplinary knowledge are taught explicitly. Pupils know how to be e.g. ‘a historian’.
  • We prioritise key knowledge that we agree our pupils need to know and remember.
  • Subjects are taught discreetly but linked where appropriate.
  • We are clear about the subject specific vocabulary that is taught in each unit of work and the vocabulary that pupils should be able to retrieve from past learning. Key vocabulary is dual coded.
  • All pupils will be challenged regardless of their barriers to learning in an inclusive classroom environment.
  • Pupils will take part in practical and memorable experiences across the curriculumtrips and visitors will be carefully planned for and are designed to deepen understanding.
  • We will actively challenge stereotypes and discrimination and reinforce tolerance and respect through our curriculum.
  • Fundamental British values and respect for Protected Characteristics are at the heart of our curriculum to support pupils to develop acceptance and to celebrate difference.
  • Pupils will learn about significant people and events in all subjects and understand the impact that they have had.
  • High quality literature and resources support learning in all subjects.
  • End of unit innovate tasks are carefully planned to put learning into context.