Grazeley Parochial CE (Aided) Primary School

'Be courageous; Be strong; Do everything in love'

School Council

Please give your ideas to these children to help us to make Grazeley School even better.

School Council

Our school council consists of two members from each class from Year 1 to Year 6.  They have been elected by their class to represent their classmates’ views and to be part of making improvements to the school.  They meet fortnightly with Miss Linfield to discuss problems raised, finding solutions where possible and carrying out the ideas they have discussed.  Throughout the pandemic they have been meeting online on Google Classroom. The School Council are supported by two clerks who take and distribute minutes of the meetings, keeping the School Council board up to date. 

Please give your ideas to these children to help us to make Grazeley School even better.

Our School Council;

Our Clerks to the School Council;

School Council Spring Term Report;

We are pleased to announce that the charity we have chosen to raise money for will be GUIDE DOGS. You can find out more about the charity by following the link below.


This week our classes have been working out really hard to figure out what to do to raise money for the charity. The fund raisers that we have chosen are:

Chestnut  – Bring your bike or scooter to school day.

Hazel  – Wear your pyjamas to school day

Willow  – Bring your teddy to school day

Cedar  – Cake and Lemonade sale

Birch – Running Races with Cheer Leaders

Sycamore  – Crazy Football Match

Oak – Tombola Competition

Charlotte & James

School Council Reps Y6

School Council Autumn Term Report;

This term we have been thinking about some of the issues in our school. We invited Mr Soares-Mistry to our meeting to talk about football at breaktimes and the football is now running smoothly as a result. We have come to the decision that we are going to change yellow house to purple because yellow attracts the insects which is a particular problem on sports day. This was an issue raised by Year 6

Our project this term was to think about new names for the school teams. In consultation with our classes we looked at lots of ideas for new names for our teams which are linked to our school. The classes voted and the most popular by a long way was to rename the houses after animals linked to our values. We announced the new names in Thursday’s Assembly. They are… Pandas for hope because this species is endangered, Doves for peace because in the story of Noah’s ark the dove is the one that found the olive branch, Penguins for love because they pair up for life, look after each other in the cold and help their families to grow and Dolphins for courage because they show bravery not only for themselves but for others. For example, there have been many stories of dolphins saving humans, as well as aiding other creatures in distress.

From January the house group colours and names will be…

Green – Pandas – hope

Blue – Doves – peace

Red – Penguins – Love

Purple – Dolphins – Courage

This has been an interesting project to have worked on and we have enjoyed every second of it. We look forward to working on more projects and helping the school in the future.