Grazeley Parochial CE (Aided) Primary School

'Be courageous; Be strong; Do everything in love'


The foundations of our policy for good behaviour are underpinned by the promotion of Christian values and we aim to teach children these values through positive role modeling, daily acts of collective worship and lessons.

Our Behaviour Curriculum: Behaviour for Learning

We have agreed the learning behaviours that we expect from our pupils which clearly link to our school values. To be a loving community of courageous learners, there are three overarching behaviour principles that are fundamental: 

  • Be ready 
  • Be respectful 
  • Be safe

Be Ready

  • We arrive in school on time.
  • We wear the correct uniform with pride and have the right clothes for PE.
  • We make sure we have the right equipment for the day (such as reading book).
  • We take part fully in lessons and show resilience.
  • We tidy and organise our own work space and the classroom.
  • We follow the classroom routines so that we do not waste time.

Be Respectful

  • We always listen when an adult is talking.
  • We are good talk partners.
  • We always listen to others in our class giving ideas and feedback.
  • We are polite and show good manners to everyone.
  • We say please and thank you.
  • We hold doors open for other people.
  • We use a calm and polite tone of voice.
  • We respect and value difference.
  • We look after school equipment and share it.
  • We look after our workbooks by writing neatly in them and not doodling on them.
  • We understand that we learn from our mistakes and we respect that others will make mistakes too.

Be Safe

  • We stop and are silent when an adult uses ‘team stop’.
  • We follow instructions- first time- every time.
  • We sit on all of the legs of our chair and push chairs under the table when we get up.
  • We walk quietly and sensibly around our school.
  • We line up in register order quickly and silently.
  • We know who to go to for help and support.
  • We stay safe online and outside school.
  • We use equipment safely.
  • We have kind hands (hands off) when playing games.

Our whole school approach to consistently high expectations of learning behaviours:

No learning time should be wasted. Routines for all aspects of classroom organisation should be embedded with classrooms tidy and resources readily available. 

To ensure no time is wasted, we have agreed consistent signals which are used throughout the school:

Signal, pause, insist– hold hand in the air and wait.  Do not talk whilst hand is raised other than to say ‘team stop’ or to praise.  Children raise own hand and stop talking. Children check that partner has seen.

Think, pair, share signal– close hands together like a gate.   Teach children good talk partner positions- clearly turn to their partner and look at them. Clear expectations of outcome from the talk task and a clear time frame given.

My turn, your turn signal– needed for choral work where all children are expected to respond. My turn: two hands to chest; your turn: open palms to the children.

One, two, three – to move from the carpet to tables and back again. One- stand, two- move to behind chair, three- sit down without talking.

In addition, there are other clear expectations that we have agreed for all teaching to ensure participation and engagement:

Cold calling– no hands up.  Teacher decides who will answer the question.

Timing- there should be a good balance between teacher and pupil talk.

Pace– where an activity should be quick, ensure that it is.  Use resources appropriately. 

Flexible groupings– move children around so that those who require support or challenge receive it.

Praise– praise positive learning behaviours e.g. I like the way that you used a dictionary to correct that spelling, I like how you used a jotting to check your solution to the problem.

Purpose– start every lesson by discussing the ‘big picture’ and where the lesson fits into the learning journey.  Children should be clear about ‘what is in it for me?’- these are the success criteria.


Grazeley School Rules

The Grazeley School rules have been developed in consultation with the children and in consideration of the Christian values which make our school special.

God created the world and everything in it, so we look after our school.

Jesus said love God and love our neighbour as ourselves, so we treat other people as we would like to be treated.

Jesus cared for his disciples and everyone he met, so we treat everyone with respect.

St Paul described life as a Christian like a race; we should always keep going and never give up, so we persevere and try our best.

Jesus said all the children should come to him; he thought each one was precious, so we keep safe and are sensible.