Grazeley Parochial CE (Aided) Primary School

'Be courageous; Be strong; Do everything in love'


The foundations of our policy for good behaviour are underpinned by the promotion of Christian values and we aim to teach children these values through positive role modeling, daily acts of collective worship and lessons.


Our role as a school is to develop the whole child and to prepare him/her to be a contributing and positive member of their community both now and in the future. Grazeley Parochial Primary School has chosen to underpin this policy through the principles of Therapeutic Thinking.

As a Church of England school, we will model and work towards standards of behaviour embedded in the principles of love, peace, hope and courage.

What is Therapeutic Thinking?

Therapeutic Thinking is an approach to behaviour that prioritises the positive experiences and feelings of everyone. When we are using a therapeutic approach, we analyse the root cause of the behaviour from each child’s feelings and experiences and our outcome is carefully chosen to promote a resolution focussed outcome. We believe positive experiences create positive feelings and in turn positive feelings create positive behaviour.

Grazeley School Rules

The Grazeley School rules have been developed in consultation with the children and in consideration of the Christian values which make our school special.

God created the world and everything in it, so we look after our school.

Jesus said love God and love our neighbour as ourselves, so we treat other people as we would like to be treated.

Jesus cared for his disciples and everyone he met, so we treat everyone with respect.

St Paul described life as a Christian like a race; we should always keep going and never give up, so we persevere and try our best.

Jesus said all the children should come to him; he thought each one was precious, so we keep safe and are sensible.